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Hi, This is me Simoné.

The fonder, owner and creator.

In my spare time I love to be adventurous and do things in nature.

I am a qualified Interior designer and live in a small town called Musina

Stay tuned to see all the amazing things God is going to do with Simo and Co.


Earrings is something personal, it fits to your personal taste and adds the stylish factor of a special moment like your wedding day. Each woman should feel like she is the center of attention while walking down the aisle. This can be created when wearing a striking Handcrafted set made by Simos Earrings.

We strive to create unique pieces that fit any event or style. The complexity and uniqueness of these hand-crafted items will blow your mind. These earrings are versatile stylish and the perfect showstoppers for all the eyes to be on you while you enjoy your special day.

We Love what we do and appreciate all clients.

Just a reminder no one can stop God's plans for your life. Isaiah 14:27

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